Gillian – that’s me, your hostess! I love my horses – Cid, Spot, Spirit and little Angel and spend all my earnings on their food, feet, teeth and saddlery. Shh… don’t tell my husband.

Julian – my husband. He’s a hard working dentist with a passion for fast cars and motorbikes.      Also a real softy with the livestock although he’d never admit it.

We have three children – two at Uni and one still at home.

The four dogs (Fleur the Borzoi, Skittle the Kelpie X, Jasper the Collie and Pippin the Pappillon) two cats (Felicity and Edgar), the duck (Buck), four cows (Edna, Gladys, Bessie and Millie), Bantam roosters (Crackers and Ben) plus their wives, and peacock (Bluey) and his girls, complete the family. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.