We love holding weddings here and have hosted nearly two hundred happy events over the past fifteen years. The gardens where ceremonies and receptions generally take place, are a sweeping bowl of lawn encircling several damns and a huge old Moreton Bay fig tree.. At the top of the garden is the old homestead where Julian and I (your hosts) live. At the bottom of the lawns a post and rail fence and double gates (great for photos) separates guests from our cattle and horses.

Paddock gates

All of the gardens afford a magnificent view of the Glasshouse mountains. The gardens are generally used as a blank canvas by our guests who are welcome to choose their own caterers and drinks, bring in stylists and furniture, tipis, marquees and yurts, to make it a unique representation of themselves. We are constantly surprised by the creative genius and vision of our brides and grooms.

Hay bales for guests to sit on on the stage beneath the Moreton Bay fig tree.


A yurt on the cottage lawn.

A yurt on the cottage lawn.

A tipi on the lawn between the fig tree and the homestead.

An afternoon tea on the cottage deck.

Things to think about:

~ The weather. Maleny is green and lush because it rains up here. If you have a guest list of less than forty, then you will be able to fit everybody onto the deck of the cottage in the event of inclement weather. If you invite more guests then you may need to hire a marquee, yurt or tipi to keep them all cosy. After the sun goes down it is suddenly much cooler up here on the mountain than it would be on the coast

~ Closing time. Our function facility permission states that events have to finish and guests be gone by 10pm, unless they are staying in the cottage.This actually works very well as we have noticed that guests tend to have a six or seven hour ‘event tolerance’. For example, if your ceremony is at 2pm then by 9pm they will want to home, go to sleep or drink a lot more. In the event of the last option we can transport you all to our brewery Brouhaha; a five minute drive away in Maleny.

~ Music. We have strict sound limits imposed on us too so we provide an excellent speaker, rack and microphone that we control. It can certainly play music loud enough to dance to but for those who like it loud, we have 60 Silent disco head sets with lights that flash different colours.  These are fabulous and get everybody dancing while bystanders can still continue a conversation.